Seal Life Testing

Mud Packing Test

Mud Submerged Wear and Leakage with Contamination Test

Heat Generation Test

Time v/s Pressure v/s Surface Speed in Lubrication to study amount of Heat Generated.

Elastomeric Test

Oil Compatibility Test
OFace load variation v/s Time/Temperature
O-Ring Squeezing Test
O-Ring Contraction Test

P-V Test

Pressure v/s Velocity (Linear Speed)
Wear, Galling and Spilling Test

Seal Endurance Testing

This test system is designed to test the mechanical face seals for Endurance test, at set speed & temperature.
1 - Max. speed  1000 rpm to achieve, 10 m/sec. Linear Speed
2 - Max. load  1000 Kgf
3 - Seal size  200 to 1000 mm OD of Seals