Seal For Rotovator

Precision Engineered, High Quality & Heavy Duty Seals
SAP Parts Heavy Duty Seals are manufactured in the state of the art facility.

Quality Assurance:

Speciality Quality Instrumentation.
Surface Roughness Testing.
Hardness Testing.
Microscopic Image Analyzing.
Surface Finish Testing.
Seal Flatness Testing.
Oil Leakage Testing.
Endurance Testing & Validation.
Accelerated Seal life Test Rig.
Seal Face Load estimation M/c.

Mechanical Face Seal Features:

Corrosion Resistant.
Precision lapped Rings.
Minimum face load variations.
Special Seal and O - ring materials.
Long Life - Warranted.
Self-renewing sealing surfaces.
Heavy Duty Applications.

Application Of Mechanical Seals In Rotovator Assembly

Rotary tiller with steel frame and a rotary shaftA Rotovator is also called as Rotary tiller, which consists of a steel frame, a rotary shaft on which blades are mounted, power transmission system and gearbox. The blades are of Ltype, made from medium carbon steel or alloy steel, hardened and tempered to suitable hardness. The PTO of tractor drives the rotovator. Rotary motion of the PTO is transmitted to the shaft carrying the blades through gearbox and transmission system. A good seedbed and pulverization of the soil is achieved in a single pass of the rotovator.

Rotavator - the most efficient system for a definitive tillage solutionRotavator is the most efficient system when we ask for a definitive tillage solution. Irrespective of the soil type, the conditions or amount of residues: The result is always the best. It can be adjusted to get many different working depths and soil finish with very easy changes. The Rotavator is also the most versatile implement for two purposes.
1. Crumbling: It can be set from a very coarse tillage to a very fine finish
2. Residues mixing: It can cope with high amounts of weeds or trash without blocking and giving the most perfect mixture of the residues. The benefits are a complete clean surface and easy incorporation of organic material to the soil.

Application Of Mechanical Face Seals:

The rotor bearing units  protected with mechanical face seals.Rotavators become the most sophisticated machines in their category. With The rotor bearing units are protected with mechanical face seals, giving a longer life to the units that can be 2 or 3 times longer than the normal system with plain oil seals.

Mechanical Seal Design:

Mechanical Face seals fitted in Groove of retaining housing groove.Mechanical Face seals are fitted in Groove of retaining housing groove, to form the sealing at the adjoining faces. Metal faces are precision Lapped The ramp angle of Seal and Housings are slightly different and form a wedge for the rubber ring to slide into and form a compressed profile giving load on the seals and making it intact.

Working Principle:

Working Principle of Rotavator by SAPpartsIn the application, one of the metal seal is always stationery while other is rotating with respect to the roller. Friction in the lapped faces, transmit the load and sealing caused retains the oil filled in the small cavity formed by the faces. The Flat Portion of seal will start wear from the end i.e. from OD and will go on towards ID till it reaches to the area where spherical radius starts.


Assembly of Rotavator by SAPpartsThe centre rotor bearings are enclosed in an oil bath and the support axle and its bearings are sealed with metal face seals.


Simple, reliable design
High sealing effect against dirt, dust, water and abrasive media from outside and oil and grease from the inside.
Cost effective, Simple installation, Long Service life.
Self centering to compensate for shaft eccentricity or misalignment.

Innovative Engineering Solutions by SAPparts.
SAPparts manufactured Seal For Rotovator.

Mechanical Face Seals For Rotavators Mechanical Face Seals For Rotavators
Mechanical Face Seals For Rotavators
Mechanical Face Seals For Rotavators