Directions For Use:

Before Cleansing the Sealing Surface, be sure that all surfaces are cool to touch.
Do not apply in direct sunlight or if air temperature is above 100 F.
Use Eye Protection Glass and Face Mask while applying.
Apply SAP Seal-O-Fix-Spray on Housing Surface.
Immediately assemble Seal with Fixture Provided.
Do not Use any other Oil For Seal Fitment in Housings.


SAP Seal-O-Fix, shall be ideally stored in a cool, dry location in containers at a temperature between 8 and 49 C (46 and 120F).
Optimal storage is at the lower end of this range.
Do not inhale.


Flammable Composition.
Aerosol Can.
Do not spray on flame or hot surfaces.
Please store in cool place away from heat & sunlight.

Product Description

SAP Seal-O-Fix is a specially developed Solution for Duo Cone Seal assembly in the housings and for heavy duty cleansing purpose. Surface Cleaning job that ordinary de-greasers cannot handle, are served effectively with SAP Seal-O-Fix . It is a ready-to-use solvent based composition, powerful cleaning emulsifiers and soluble grease cutting solvent. It cuts heavy sticky rust, dust and soils quickly from the seal housing surface with no harsh fumes or unpleasant odors. This is a Propitiatory Product Developed by SAP PARTS specially for Duo Cone Seals.

Product Benefits

Powerful and fast acting.
SAP Seal-O-Fix is absolutely safe on metal, rubber and painted surfaces.
Will not harm marking, chrome or engraving. Ensures complete removal of all oil and grease deposits prior to Duo Cone seal assembly.
Convenient and safe to use on all types of Mechanical Seals.
The only effective surface preparation spray for the removal of Silicone Oils.

Properties Of Material

Chemical Type: Mineral Oils / Solvent based / NON CFC
Containing proprietary ingredients, Surfactants and Conditioners
Appearance: Clear BRIGHT Liquid.
Flash Point: 50 DEGREE.CEL
Specific Gravity: 0.80