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SAPPARTS is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing high-quality OEM parts for customers across a variety of industries. With over 15 years of experience in the field, the company has established a reputation for delivering exceptional products that meet the unique needs and specifications of its clients. Using advanced technologies and a team of skilled professionals, SAPPARTS is committed to providing reliable, cost-effective solutions that help its customers achieve their business objectives. Whether it’s a small order or a large-scale project, the company works closely with its clients to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Engineering Capabilities

Product Management

Product Designing Tools:
> Auto CAD
> Solid Works

Design Validation Tools:
> Testing
> Product Life Testing Bench

Rapid Prototyping Tools:
> 3D – Printing

Testing & Validation

Test capabilities

>Heat Generation Test: Time V/s Surface Speed in Lubrication to study amount of heat generated >Pressure Velocity Test: Pressure V/s Velocity ( Linear Speed) wear, Galling Test, differential >Pressure Balancing Test: A specific Test Setup designed for TBM Cutter Application Seal  
   Tastings, capable to create a differential Pressure environment of 10 Bar

> Multi-spindle Test Setup: Can  accommodate 3 
    different Test Samples at a time.
> Mud Condition:  
    Riverbed Sand MudTesting Setup
> Variable Test RPM: 90-100 
    Oil Pressure:  0.5 Bar-3 Bar Max  

> Oil Temp. : 200 °C Max
> Continuous Seal  Contact Temp. Monitoring
> Oscillating Cycle Arrangement.
> Mud Packing Test: Mud submerged Wear 
    & Leakage with Contamination Test 

Quality Control

Test - Instrumentation

Endurance Life Cycle Testing Lab

Product Validation Set-Up


Technological Development

> Seal Design for Differential Load applications.
> Model for Contact Surface Wear Life
> Elastomeric Variable Load Stress Relaxation 
> Innovative Surface Treatments for Demanding
> Functional  Conformance of Metallurgical 
    Properties of Ni-Hard Cast Alloys & Sealing 
    Surface Asperities in Abrasive Environment.

Seal Design

New Developments at SAPPARTS