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About the SAPPARTS Group!

Manufacturer, designer, and OEM supplier of drive seals and precision components SAPPARTS is a manufacturer, designer, and supplier of high-tech rotary seals, sliding bearing bushes/bushings, and precision parts that guarantee the lifespan of heavily stressed products and components for OEM customers. SAPPARTS “mission“ focuses on the production of innovative mechanical rotary seals at a world-class level. Today, SAPPARTS™ already supplies some of the largest OEMs in India, the USA, Europe, and China. 

SAPPARTS excels in advanced manufacturing processes, including foundry technology, mechanical machining, heat treatment, design, testing centers, and elastomer and polymer production. With a team of 600 highly qualified specialists in India, Europe, and the USA, SAPPARTS is dedicated to providing high-quality products and solutions in its markets, ensuring success and longevity.

About SAPPARTS Europe!

SAPPARTS Europe GmbH is a fast-growing, profitable specialist for drive seals that operates throughout Europe. With the 360° approach, the company and its 25 distributors serve over multiple customers (including leading OEMs) in Europe. In the field of drive seals and precision components, SAPPARTS sees eye to eye with the customers and demanding buyers and technicians. We serve our customer‘s needs so as to be able to offer professional advice, develop rapid solutions and offer competitive prices.  


> Johannes Orlowski, Dipl.-KFM, MBA   
    Management, Engineering Sales &    
    Marketing, Purchasing

> Steven Chugh, Dipl. Ing. 
    General Management / Customer 
    Development, Processes, Sales & 

> Jörg Küppers, Customer 
    Management, Sales & Marketing, 
    Assortment Management, 
    Logisitics, Graphics 

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> Tel.: +49 (0) 2204 / 4959827
    Mobile: +49 (0) 1573 5629268

What We Believe is Important for Our Customers!

Our company principle is characterized by our idea that consistent customer focus is the only way to guarantee the success of our company. The management team and all of our employees’ activities are aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers. We understand customer requirements for ourselves and have imposed quality and communication rules, which are:
> Reliability and commitment: Our communication is based on reality!
> Fast: All communication within 48 hours is done!
> Flexibility: We try to solve your urgent needs!
> Quality & Warranty: Quality communication in offers, datasheets, technical proposal, and 
    commercial processes!”


We live quality in our company. From beginning of commercial and technical processes up to the supply chain. We concentrate on each step to follow the highest quality standards. 


The sampling process for mechanical face seals and bushings is the key to long-lasting, successful customer relationship. We provide samples that comply with VDA standards, 8D reports as well as documentation regarding the cpk and ppk values, and coordinate these samples with our customers right through to product homologation.

Supply Chain

We don’t allow any compromises in series deliveries. From the seamless checking of raw materials to 100% component checks, we aim to achieve absolute product quality for our customers. Seals and bushings, although often considered C-parts in commercials, are crucial for ensuring zero defects in the technical performance of the machinery. Processes and procedures are being run with a high-standard quality management system. Testing and measuring equipment at the cutting edge of technology is a key condition for our commitment to quality:
> Fully equipped laboratory with state-of-the-art analysis equipment
> Fully equipped simulation and test benches for all sizes up to 1000mm.


Protecting the environment, working and living sustainably. As part of our ongoing efforts towards sustainability and our own commercial cost reduction, we reuse all kinds of materials and try to avoid all waste materials, also imposing requirements on all of our suppliers. Our sustainability initiatives include:
> CO2-neutral warehousing with almost no power consumption (large windows in the roof) and 
    solar power plant
> Reuse of almost all packaging materials, including cartonage and metal and steel palettes
> Reuse of all plastic materials as packing materials
> E-mobility charging stations on the company premises
> Resource-saving production and long service lifetime
> Social justice and diversity are ethical priorities in our management.