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Precision Components

Precision components are vital for machinery and equipment performance and durability. SAPPARTS specializes in high-quality precision components that meet and exceed specific needs for both industrial machinery and heavy engineering applications.

Our precision components are made using high-grade materials such as alloy steel (SAE 4140, 100Cr6, SAE8620, C-45, 20MnCr5, 55Si7, SCM45, etc.) to ensure excellent strength, durability, and reliability.


Bushings are essential for heavy engineering applications as low-friction bearings between two moving parts, commonly used in construction machinery, mining equipment, and industrial manufacturing. Hydraulic cylinders, axle pins, suspension systems, and gearboxes are typical applications where bushings reduce wear and provide efficient operation.

> High Load joints on excavators (Boom
    foot,Boom cylinder foot, pivot, stick nose)
    and the  joints of the bucket linkage
> Joints of front loading attachments for                    
    agricultural tractors: cylinder, bucket, fork, etc.
> Arm, bucket and cylinder joints of wheel  
> Front axle joints on agricultural tractors


> Pivot Bushings of rod end cylinder  for     
    hydraulic hammer used in mining  
> Joints of rollers and of chain links of
> Pivot joint arm on container stacker for 
    port handling
> Pivot & other joints of hydraulic crushers



We serve multiple industries, including construction equipment OEMs (excavator, backhoe loader, dozer manufacturers), off-highway equipment OEMs (crane, compactor, rock-drill manufacturers), and agriculture equipment OEMs (harvester, tiller, tractor manufacturers). Our expertise also extends to the transmission industry, servicing gear box, drives, and conveyor manufacturers. SAPPARTS is committed to innovation and providing tailored solutions for customer needs.

Open ended and closed ended groves carved inside the bore of Bushings provide path for lubricating oil and grease ensures the appropriate lubrication in between mating parts and improves service life of the bush. These bushings are also provided the ani-friction graphite based compound Molybdenum di-sulphide MOS2 and Tungsten di-sulphide WS2.

MOS2 Coating

These bushings are also provided the anti-friction graphite based compound Molybdenum di-sulphide MOS2 and Tungsten di-sulphide WS2. Life-more than 50 % can be  achieved as tested under standard  conditions compared to the normal  case hardened steel alloy bushings.

WS2 Coating

Tungsten di-sulfide  suspensions has atomic adhesion  properties, which helps to form the  film on the surface as a composite  coating, thatoutperforms in terms  of longevity in Tribological run and  sliding contact wear resistance  due to its properties like hardness  and lubricity in asingle film.

Engineered Bushing Specification