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SAPPARTS Europe is linked to our India-based headquarters, which focuses on manufacturing innovative Mechanical Face Seals and Floating Seals. Utilizing advanced facilities and technologies, we provide customized, high-quality seals to enhance equipment performance and durability in various industries.


SAPPARTS Europe specializes in drive seals and precision components, serving numerous OEMs across Europe. As part of a global team, we focus on innovative, world-class rotary seals. Through advanced manufacturing, we deliver high-quality products, quick solutions, and professional advice.

Grizzly Supplies

Grizzly Supplies, our long-standing partner, excels in providing fast, custom sealing solutions in North America.


MOTEK Incorporated Co., Ltd. is a trusted partner based in South Korea, specializing in innovative defense solutions. With a focus on safety and quality, they provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for military and mobile products, including floating seals and encased seals.


Sealco, established in 1991, is a partner of SAPPARTS, providing technical advice, support, and sealing solutions for various industrial applications. With over a century of experience, Sealco ensures high-standard, competitively priced services. 

Daxor is a specialized company for the delivery of high-quality parts for production, operation, and maintenance purposes. With over 20 years of experience, Daxor serves customers from various sectors and offers individual technical advice.